High Baroque for the Heartland

"We, simple priests of earth, the growth and spawn of life.

Wind dancers, breeze romancers, many faces endlessly changing and applauding our planet's turning.

Season keepers, woodland sleepers, seeding, growing, aging, dying, giving back to life our elements,

so that in the mysterious promise of rebirth, a treasure like no other is revealed."

First state Image size:15" X 21 1/2."

Edition of 260 impressions plus 47 proofs, hand-pulled by the artist, on 20" X 26" Arches Cover. Curation completed in December 1991. Plate canceled, January 1995. Final state 17 1/2" X 21 1/2." Edition of 250 impressions plus 40 proofs, hand-pulledby the artist, on 22" X 30" Arches Cover. Curation completed, August 1991. Plate canceled, January 1995.