Prophet in Oxide

"The untamed margin grasses rub their whiskered heads against a crazed and colorful skin, buffing arcs through oxides of paint and steel as they bow and sweep in the cool morning breeze.

Through splayed open doors creaking stiff on rusted hinges, bunches of wheat grass reach sinuous green fingers up out of holes in the rotting seat cushion fabric.

A flank of green blades like spring on parade grows in the thin layer of humus atop the seat back.

The blades riffle in the wind, which has come to them across a sea of waving grain and in through the broken rear window of the cab."

Image size: 15 1/2" X 22 7/8"

Edition of 50 impressions plus 15 proofs, hand-pulled by the artist, on 22" X 30" paper stock, some on Arches Buff, some BFK Rives. Curation completed, June 1979.

Plate canceled, June 1979.