The Roadsongs Sampler CD is a window into a grand experience in space and time. You can get a sense of its scale from the image in the jewelcase booklet laid out in the photograph below. Eight sampler images were selected from a series of 30 original relief etching images inspired by the artful wanderings of Malcolm Graeme Childers through the greater American landscape between 1965 and 1990. The fully annotated images are collected in the limited edition coffee table art book ROADSONGS: A Journey into the Life and Mindscapes of an American Artist on page one of this website.

            If you look at any of the images in the foldout CD booklet while listening to its corresponding audio track, the visual and auditory experiences will come together in your mind to form a unique living art in your imagination. Malcolm calls this cerebral confluence of a Mindscape. For him, it is the tractive ability of an image to draw the viewer in and communicate on many levels that determines whether a work of art finally matters. “If the art I am looking at doesn’t get inside my head and connect with my emotions or intellect,” he mentioned once on a gallery walk, “I always check to make sure it isn’t wallpaper.”

To hear a selection of sound Mindscapes from the sampler pictured above or read about the Mindscape art form click on The Mindscape.

            Because this art form coalesces in your imagination, your experience of this new art form will be as unique and as personal as you are. The sampler is, of course, an invitation to experience all 25 of the currently produced mindscapes in the ROADSONGS book and to enjoy the extended reading experience as well.

            The Roadsongs Sampler CD, retails for $16.95 plus shipping and handling. Just click on ORDERING for purchasing options.

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